Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On this day, 42 years Ago

On January 14, 1967, I was baptized. I was eight years old. It was freezing cold and I had to share my baptism with an entire family who was joining the church. I remember thinking at the time that I didn't like it. That whole family took the attention off of me. I wanted attention. There were so many people in attendance, but even I knew at eight years old that they weren't there for me. Humpf!

I am glad that I got baptized. It was the best decision that I had made so far in my life. I wouldn't make another great decision like that until 7th grade when I decided to pretend that my name was really Sarah.

I have learned to like my name. I have decided that "SALLY" is a friendly name. I am friendly.

I guess being baptized was really still a better decision than lying about my name.

The End.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From Mary: I Am

I am: a nice person.
I know: I can do some pretty cool things.
I want: to own my own house again.
I have: the greatest family EVER!
I hate: when time or money is wasted.
I miss: Eric (my missionary son).
I feel: happiest when my family is around.
I hear: the rattling of the fan and the “caw-ing” of the birds.
I smell: cake.
I crave: romantic moments with my husband.
I search: for beach houses for this summer.
I love: my sweetheart Doug.
I care: that my children are happy.
I always: procrastinate taking a shower.
I believe: that I am responsible for my own happiness.
I sing: because I MUST!
I write: letters to my son, and emails to my friends.
I lose: my temper when I am stressed.:(
I win: because I have so much for which I am thankful.
I never: take enough time for myself.
I listen: to anyone who needs to “just talk”.
I am scared: that my body feels so old at only 50.
I need: to be more organized.
I am happy about: being a grandmother to the cutest little girls in the world.
I tag: Catherine and Elizabeth

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 - A Year in Review

2008 was a great year! It was filled with many opportunities to celebrate with our family. These are the happiest times for me. Allow me to chronologically review these most triumphant events.

January – 1) Christian proposes marriage to Mary Cunningham! A spring wedding is planned. Very exciting! 2) My most excellent execution of a surprise birthday celebration for Doug’s 50th birthday. Family and dear friends met at Bentleys restaurant for great food and a good hearted roast of Doug. It was brilliantly M.C.'d by Christian Plautz. Catherine was a fantastic support with clever invitations and party favors among other things.

March – 1)A FULL TIME JOB! Doug is hired by Wake Technical Community College as their Safety Officer. It’s a job he loves, and they love him. And, the best part is health benefits and a pension plan. 2)Elizabeth and Erik tell us they are expecting baby number 2.

April – On April 12th Christian Michael Plautz marries Mary Ellen Cunningham at the Raleigh NC Temple. We are delighted to welcome Mary to our family. We are thrilled to have another daughter. We can see how much they are M.F.E.O. (made for each other)

May – the celebration of my father, Joseph Barney’s 80th birthday. We gathered at the Olive Garden for the event.

August – 1) the joyful return of Elder Michael Plautz from the Colorado Denver North Mission. 2)a most wonderful and relaxing week at our favorite beach front condo at North Myrtle Beach where we learned that Eric would serve in the Georgia Macon mission beginning in November.

September – the successful taking of the new Plautz Family Portrait by our favorite photographer, Nina Perkins.

November – 1)the exciting arrival of Charlotte Eleanore Lewis, our 2nd grand-child. I was able to be there for her birth, and traveled back and forth to New Bern, in between wedding cake weekends to lend a hand to Erik and Elizabeth. We were able to have all 15 of us together for Charlotte's blessing day. It would be the last time for two years because...2)we had the departure of Elder Eric Alan Plautz on his very first airplane trip to the Provo, Utah MTC to begin his 2 year mission in the Georgia Macon Mission. 3)a most excellent Thanksgiving celebration with our entire family, minus the young Elder Plautz.

December – a wonderful Christmas with our family and the opportunity to talk with Elder Plautz on the telephone. He is currently serving in the Savannah Georgia area, which I Google Mapped and learned is only 5 ½ hours away! Holy Cow! That is close.

2008 was really great
Will 2009 be sublime?
wait and see...