Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Can't "Over Love" Your Son!

It seems that lately, most of our family's outings have revolved around Daniel. That makes sense, since he is the oldest child at home right now. And, because he is a junior in high school and involved in many activities, we find ourselves attending his special events. (no commentary from the sisters on the qualifier "special" )

Daniel attended his junior prom, which, if I am not mistaken, was also his first date. I am fairly certain that both Christian and Michael went on their first date to prom as well. That is actually kind of interesting since Doug and mine's first date was the winter formal dance back in high school.

Daniel asked a girl named Ashley to attend the prom with him. The school geneology makes this interesting, as Ashley played Daniel's daughter in last year's spring musical Bye, Bye Birdie. Several friends from the chorus paired together and they spent the prom experience together as a group. A good time was had by all.

Last Thursday, we attended the last choral concert of the year. By assignment, the choral director, Mr. Benson, had the students break up into groups for a project which goal was to have them learn how to create basic harmonies and make a simple arrangement based upon popular television commercial jingles. Some of these were quite interesting...

The videos I have uploaded are not fantastic, as they were taken with my cell phone, that does not have a zoom feature. Also, the sound was pretty far away...but you'll get the gist.

The first video is Daniel's group doing the Charmin Bathroom Tissue commercial. You know, the one with the bears. Daniel is the first one on the stage. That's right, the one with the toilet paper on his shoe.

The second video is the entire chorus performing the Fruit of the Loom comercial theme "You Can't Over Love Your Underwear". Daniel is the featured soloist in the cowboy hat.

Back in April, Daniel also appeared in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. He had a major role, once again being cast as a more comedic character. I must say, he executes these types of roles quite well. Unfortunately, this abilty runs extensively in the family. He was the "suck up" newphew to the president of the company. He really was the stand out of the show, and this is based on many opinions of those who are not even related to him.

For some reason, I cannot find the file of the few photos that I took during the show. When I find them, I will post them.

We have spent a few evenings going to see Daniel play bass guitar in a band called Minor Inconvenience. They perform original music, mostly written at this time by Daniel Greco (Cary 1st Ward) who is playes rhythm guitar. They are quite good and are really coming into their own. Below is a great photo of him at Jam Fest.

Click here for their page on My Space where you can read the "biography" (and I use that term loosely) of the group and listen to some of their tunes.

Well, I am done for now with this feature on my very talented and all around sweet boy, Daniel.