Monday, March 30, 2009

A Little Trip

A week and a half ago, I took a few days to go to New Bern to help watch the cute little girls so that Elizabeth could get some painting done on her house. Both Elizabeth and Charlotte were sick. They BOTH had ear infections among other disagreeable symptoms. Here is a video of Charlotte and Amelia, with a short cameo appearance of Elizabeth.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I know. I am a blogger slacker. But, in my defense, I have a difficult time thinking of things to blog about. I have a busy life, filled with activities, but I am not so certain that anyone would consider my life interesting. Additionally, I told myself that this was not the place to talk about "cake", and since that is what my life has been revolving around lately, I guess there hasn't been much to say.

That being said, here are 10 Things that are on my mind today.

  1. I am tired. I have no idea why I have been so tired lately, as I am actually sleeping more consecutive hours of the night than usual.
  2. I am cold and I cannot get warm. I don't think anyone would wonder why, considering the weather as of late. Alex woke up late and so I had to drive him to school. There was frost all over the car, so I had to srape it off with an old gift card. I couldn't feel my thumbs for about 15 minutes.
  3. I am happy that Elizabeth and Erik have begun to settle in their new home in Beaufort with Erik's mom, but I am sad that it is further away. And, I miss those cute little girls.
  4. I am so grateful to have a job that is seemingly "recession proof". People are (thankfully) still getting married and are still willing to pay me to make their wedding cake. (I don't think this one counts as cake talk)
  5. It bothers me that my sister, Colleen, gave me these awesome huggable hangers for Christmas, and I have not yet had the time to organize my closet with them. Any volunteers to help me? I'll buy Dairy Queen or Goodberrys to anyone who steps forward.
  6. Doug and I have been watching THE OFFICE on Netflix Instant View. We can't get enough of this show, so we started back with Season One again and are now a few episodes into Season Three for the second time. It is funnier every time we see it. The writing is so consistent and you can see in the earlier episodes forshadowing of things to come. Clever.
  7. Recently, the boy who played Captain von Trapp to my Maria in our Senior High School musical production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC found me on face book. I want to write him back, but I keep putting it off. I have to say, I had a big crush on him early in high school (before Doug), so it didn't hurt that I got to kiss him for the show. This has been a sore spot with Doug for all these years. You see, Doug played the priest who marries Maria and the Captain, so I had to kiss this guy in front of Doug every night during the rehearsals and the show. He actually "acted" jealous (in that over dramatized way so as to appear as if he was kidding) when I told him the other night. So maybe, I haven't written because I am afraid of being a flirt. Is that even possible? I am not sure I remember how to flirt. I used to be quite good at it.
  8. I can't decide what to make for dinner tonight. It has to be easy with a fast clean up. Any thoughts?
  9. I miss Eric.
  10. I love Douglas.

Thanks for listening. Have a great day!